In my early childhood days photography has always fascinated me, especially those light trails in long exposure times caught my eye. Too bad that I chose another direction for my education, this was Process Control at the Tech College in Heerlen.

Some years after school ended and work began, I answered to my childhood interest and bought myself an extensive compact-camera. With this camera, I shot a lot of clouds and flowers to explore he basics. Possibilities and quality were soon limiting with the compactcamera, so the upgrade to a DSLR was at hand.

The next seven years i kept on investing in photography books, equipment, self study through the internet and off course alot of time was spent on the practice of photography. The interest in computer 3D-drawing brought me on track of the 360° HDR images, used by 3D software as environment and lightsource to render extremely photorealistic images of 3D models.

This actually brought everything together that interested me: optics, photography, physics, and know-how about 3D software. After I experimented and became trusted with this 360° HDR technique, the step to selling them through a webshop was easily made (

After this site was finished and started to attract customers from all over the world, I still wanted to do more with my photography experience. This has resulted in the site you are viewing now, intended to promote my services on a more local base.

Besides 360° photography, I also do other multishot- or technnical photography, like gigapixel panorama´s, HDR and timelapse. For any other requests i am always willing to give it a thought.

At this time i am following an internship with a photographer who´s graduated from Maastricht´s Art Academy, to improve my artistic insights.