"Normal photography" including company- and event shoots:
€35 p/hr.

360° LDR* photo´s: €100, €40 for each following.
360° HDR* photo´s: €150, €50 for each following.

"Simple" conversion to V-Tour: €15 per panorama.
"Extended" conversion to V-Tour: €25 per panorama.

Simple: linking panorama´s by hotspots or blueprint
Extended: like simple, but additional info-hotspots, sounds, placement of logo and buttons

Travel expenses are calculated at 25 Eurocent per Kilometer

All prices exclude 21% Dutch applicable VAT.

* With LDR photography, over- and under exposure of some areas wil be inevitable, like windows or shadow regios. With HDR photography multiple photos are taken, varying in exposure from dark to bright, capturing all available light. Then the images are layered over each other so everything can be made visible, which would not be possible using a single exposure.

HDR is strongly recommended for all interiors with daylight coming through windows.