Mike Dols

My name is Mike Dols, I am a freelance photographer available for all your shoots regarding dogs and other animals.

Born as a true doglover and having a pack of 10 dogs at home ranging from streetdogs to international multichampions from renowned breeders, I find myself most comfortable when surrounded by dogs, the more - the better! Regardless of their pedigree or absence of it, I am head over heels in love every time I meet a new furry face. 

With documenting dogshows I'm well experienced, ranging from your small breed-specific clubmatch to the bigger CACIB shows, discretely working the mainring is a pré. I also document sports- or agility events. Getting the right photo of a dog in gait or stacked is no problem for me. But also inbetween frightful or drawn-back streetdogs I feel comfortable and I'm sure we can get aweome images. 

Everything is possible: working indoor events on-site, in the studio using flashes, or outside under natural light is no problem. Editorial-style event coverage, casual portraits, staged poses for ads or logo's, you name it. I'm sure we can make it work! I'm also available for other animals ofcourse.

Do take a look around here, and if you have some questions just hit the contact button and we'll work something out.